Midtec "Sales Automation"

Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) Notebook computers in the field on every sales call! laptop PCs on every call!
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) Cellular phones and pagers cellular phones and pagers
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) Contact sales management software.  Fully networked and real-time.  Every Midtec salesperson is up-to-date, prepared and ready to assist any customer at any time! Sales contact management software
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) "Midtec Daily News".   Marketing, sales, pricing and technical information received via fax or mail is scanned each day and e-mailed to the Midtec staff in the "Midtec Daily News".   Our salespeople in the field are always current and up-to-date! Midtec Daily News
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) In-baskets, quotes, leads and other printed materials are scanned then e-mailed to each salesperson in the field every day.   Nothing has to wait for the "salesman to return". scanners on every desk
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) Voice-mail.  Fully automated but a Midtec person answers the phone every time.  The caller has the choice of leaving a voice-mail or talking to a real person! voice-mail
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) Web cams.   Our salespeople are able to "be there" for product training sessions in our office whether they're on-the-road or not!   Also used for video conferencing with our principals and customers.    videophones

And here's what we do with the Sales Leads you send us

sales leads
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) They're entered into our computer database.
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) They're compared to current information in our database that includes:
Button -- dotsm.gif (915 bytes)  company size, products manufactured and products already
     purchased through Midtec
Button -- dotsm.gif (915 bytes)  information on the individual including position and past
     inquiries on other lines -- over 90% are already in our database!
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) We mail a postcard to the individual thanking him or her for their interest in your company and products.   We do this so that when we call a few days later they will already have your company and Midtec associated in their mind.  A "warm call" is more productive than a cold call!
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) Then we call and "qualify" the sales lead.  Our people are trained to look for potential business for every one of  our lines on every call.  A lead from one line may produce a sale for another.  There is an advantage to multi-line selling!
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) If the sales lead has potential the individual is asked for a convenient time for one of our outside salespersons to call.
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) All of this information is then faxed or e-mailed to you as an FYI and   sent to the Midtec outside salesperson via our internal computer network as a "hot" GoldMine action item.
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) The individual then receives another call this time from the Midtec outside salesperson and usually a personal visit a day or two later.
Button -- dot.gif (1025 bytes) You then continue to receive Call Reports until the order is booked.  Every sales lead is computer tracked from start to finish.  We make absolutely sure no sales potentials "drop between the cracks"! call reports

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