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The Midtec Team

Ken Frederick, Rosie Brinker, Gary Yantis, Dana Grayson, 
Glenn Brown, Sharon Greenwood and Matt Pansing

Ken Frederick Ken Frederick     President of Midtec.  Twenty four years sales and marketing experience.  Background includes management positions in technical sales, advertising and marketing before joining Midtec in 1986. Responsible for the territory of Iowa and certain Nebraska and Kansas City accounts.  Hobbies include golf, photography and rebuilding Corvettes.
Matt Pansing Matt Pansing   Vice-President of Midtec.   Shares sales manager duties with Ken Frederick.  Twenty five years sales and marketing experience.   Background includes four years technical sales with an area distribution firm before joining Midtec in 1983.  Past President ERA/HOAC and Chairman ELEXPO industry trade show.    Responsible for the territory of Western Missouri, Nebraska  and Kansas.   Hobbies include golf, boating, computers and ballroom dancing.
Gary Yantis Gary Yantis    Chairman/CEO and founder of Midtec.  Twenty-seven years experience as a manufacturers' representative.   Prior experience includes Design Engineer with Bendix Corporation and in international sales to governments, military and airlines.  Past President ERA/HOAC and Chairman Kansas City MAECON trade show.  Active in numerous industry organizations and trade shows.  Hobbies include amateur radio (WTM), skiing and mountain climbing.  
Glenn Brown Glenn Brown    Twenty four years experience in electronic sales and marketing in the "St. Louis territory market place".  Glenn's considerable experience includes a number of  years with another area rep firm, four years with a major Midwestern regional distributor and twelve years operating his own rep firm specializing in "technical sell" electronic products similar to those represented by Midtec.   Responsible for the territory of Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois.  
Dana Grayson Dana Grayson    Business manager of Midtec.  Responsible for accounting, personnel, insurance and all other non-sales activities.  Joined Midtec in 1984.  Hobbies include quilting, sewing and auto racing.
Sharon Greenwood Sharon Greenwood    Inside Sales Specialist.  Provides sales and marketing support and assistance to Midtec Outside Sales and to all of our customers.   Joined Midtec in 1990.  Hobbies include running and golf. 
Rosie Brinker Rosie Brinker    Inside Sales Specialist.  Provides sales and marketing support to Midtec Outside Sales and to all of our customers.  Joined Midtec in 1993.  Hobbies include sewing and quilting.