Electronic Representatives Association

Heart of America Chapter (HOAC)

September 13, 2004 Reunion Meeting

Members, Past Members and Retired Members

It was unanimous to repeat this event each September 
so put the second Monday in September on your calendar.

A list of those in attendance and their contact information appears at the bottom of this page.  Mentioned during the meeting but unable to attend or no one knew how to reach them included: 

Carl Bobenhouse, Dave Reece, Lee Florence, Bob Modrcin, Paul McWilliams, John Flynn, Terry Hawkins, Jim Forristal, Ray Harre, Chuck Whaley, Bob Forbes, Mike Barnes, Ed Ellsworth, Chuck Chorpening, Chuck Day, Jr., Emmett Johnson, John Ware, Larry Jones, Loren Meyer and Tim Aranjo.
10/04/04 --  those listed who we now have some contact information on are shown hyperlinked.  Click on any of them for more information on the individual.

   If you have the e-mail address of any of these people, please send it to me and I'll add them to the invitation list for next year.  Also, if you think of any past members or retired members not mentioned or listed on this page, please send me that information as well.  If you're sure someone does not have e-mail but you do have their mail address, please send that to me. Thanks, Gary Yantis gyantis@midtec.com.

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aP0000592.jpg (89644 bytes)
Gary Yantis, Jack Kelly, Mike Eakins
aP0000593.jpg (97707 bytes)
group photo
aP0000594.jpg (83416 bytes)
Jim Flanagan, Mark Higgins
aP0000595.jpg (101390 bytes)
Mark Culley, Jack Kelly, Dick Willeke, Phillip Lima
aP9130005.jpg (112430 bytes)
group photo
aP0000596.jpg (99801 bytes)
group photo
aP0000597.jpg (75012 bytes)
Carmine Vignola, Mark Higgins, Dick Napper
aP0000598.jpg (97078 bytes)
Jack Kelly, Grace Mary Vignola
aP0000599.jpg (103114 bytes)
Tom Ruffolo
aP9130003.jpg (100772 bytes)
Gary Yantis, Jack Kelly
aP9130004.jpg (95098 bytes)
Jim Flanagan, Mark Higgins
aP9130005.jpg (112430 bytes)
group photo
aP9130006.jpg (102571 bytes)
Jack Kelly, Mark Culley, Dick Willeke
aP9130007.jpg (111372 bytes)
Rich Morse, Christina Anderson, Amy Slater, Mark Culley, Jack Kelly, Dick Willeke
aP9130008.jpg (108959 bytes)
Dennis Weaver
aP9130009.jpg (114546 bytes)
Dick Willeke, Phillip Lima, Bill Rhodes, Tom Ruffolo
aP9130010.jpg (97976 bytes)
Chris Lucas, Dick Napper
aP9130011.jpg (97499 bytes)
Jim Davidson, Jerry Lucas, Dennis Stepanek
aP9130012.jpg (74914 bytes)
Joe Schmitz, Chris Lucas, Carmine Vignola, Grace Mary Vignola
aP9130013.jpg (99318 bytes)
Joe Schmitz, Carmine Vignola, Chris Lucas, Dick Napper, Jack Kelly, Grace Mary Vignola
aP9130014.jpg (95109 bytes)
Dick Willeke, Phillip Lima, Bill Rhodes, Tom Ruffolo
aP9130015.jpg (91784 bytes)
Bill Rhodes, Tom Ruffolo, Joe Schmitz
These are photos from Jack Kelly's retirement luncheon.  I had many more posted but, unfortunately, most of the photos were lost in a recent server crash.   If anyone has photos from this event, please send me copies and I'll add them to this page.  The first photo shows the late Bill Kenton talking to Carmine Vignola. 
xP1010015.jpg (40623 bytes)
Carmine Vignola, Bill Kenton
xP1010016.jpg (38824 bytes)
Joe Schmitz, Jack Kelly
xP1010017.jpg (43250 bytes)
group photo
These are photos of alumni sent in after the meeting
LeeFlorencecompressed.jpg (48479 bytes)
Lee Florence

September 13, 2004 Meeting Attendees

Name Company/retired Address Phone E-mail address
Carpenter, Joe* Dy-tronix, Inc. 5001 College Blvd., Suite 106
Leawood, KS 66211
913-339-9449 jcarpenter@dy-tronix.com
Anderson, Christina* same as above same same same
Higgins, Mark* Markline Technologies 15615 Ballentine, Overland Park, KS 66221 913-681-8880 markh@markline.com
Lucas, Jerry* Electri-rep 7050 W. 107th St., Suite 210, Overland
Park, KS 66212
913-649-2168 jlucas@electri-rep.com
Lucas, Chris* Electri-rep same as above same clucas@electri-rep.com
Vignola, Carmine Vignola Hospitality
5220 Business Highway 50 West
Jefferson City, MO 65109
573-893-3205 cvignola@vignolahospitality.com
Davidson, Jim* IRI 5312 Summit Court, Shawnee, KS 66216 913-338-2400 jim_davidson@irirep.com
Willeke, Dick retired (Harris-Hanson) 4537 SW Gull Point Dr., Lee's Summit, MO 64082 816-537-4883 jwilleke1@comcast.net     ????
Weaver, Dennis Ruffalo, Weaver & Associates 1026 Hickory, Kansas City, MO 64101 816-471-5701  truff637@msn.com    
Yantis, Gary* Midtec Associates, Inc. 11900 W. 87th St., Suite 220, Lenexa, KS 66215 913-541-0505 gyantis@midtec.com
Ruffalo, Thomas Ruffalo, Weaver  & Assoc.) 1026 Hickory, Kansas City, MO 64101 816-471-5701   truff637@msn.com
Kelly, Jack** retired (KKB) 25807 Monroe Road 852, Paris, MO 65275 660-327-4238  kellyma@mcmsys.com   ????
Schmitz, Joe retired (MSB) 421 West 62nd St., K.C. MO 64113 816-361-7613 jschmitz6@juno.com
Culley, Mark* Harris-Hanson 5528 Raytown Rd., suite 270, K.C. MO. 64133 816-313-6308 mculley@harris-hanson.com
Napper, Richard retired (RC Napper Associates) 800 Coventry Lane, K.C. MO. 816-322-4710
Rhodes, Bill retired (Crosslink) 9217 Grandview, Overland Park, KS 66212 913-381-8704 brhodes@everestkc.net  ????
Morse, Rich* EPI 2201 w. 43rd Ave., K.C. KS 66103 913-432-1792 sales@epi-sales.com
Flanagan, Jim* MINK Associates 10100 Santa Fe #331, Overland Park, KS 66212 913-341-2112 jflanagan@minkassoc.com
Slater, Amy* Same as above same same aslater@minkassoc.com
Lima, Phillip Crosslink Electronics 4500 W. 90th Terrace, Suite 204 913-649-7100 lima@crosslinkelectronics.com
Stepanek, Dennis* Centech, Inc. 4025 NE Lakewood Way, Suite 290, Lee's Summit, MO 64064 816-795-9019 DennisS@centech-inc.com
Eakins, Mike Eakins, Bernstein & Associates 9080 Parkhill Road, Lenexa, KS 66215 913-888-8218 eba@kc.rr.com

Contact information submitted since September 13th

Modrcin, Bob retired (MSB) 6839 Wagon Wheel Circle, Sarasota, FL 34243
Reece, Dave* ATS     dduwe@atsks.com
Florence, Lee retired (Florence)   816-363-6455 saipanb29@kc.rr.com
Flynn, John retired (Bettis Co.)     mesajwf@aol.com
Chorpening, Chuck retired (BC Elect.) C&J Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 1179, Laurie, MO 65038 314-374-9779                 ????
Hawkins, Terry Digital System Sales www.digsys.com   sales@digisys.com
Burton, Jim* Spectrum     jburton@spectrumsales.net
Bobenhouse, Carl retired (Beams) 2426 Welbeck Rd, Des Moines, IA 50310 515-279-3015                ????
Jones, Larry retired (Spectrum)     ljoneskc@aol.com
Aranjo, Tim AME Sales 18600 W. 116th St. Olathe, KS 66061 (913)888-8582 timoa@amesales.net
Johnson, Emmett retired? ((QDC) 564 West Union Bell Drive, Green Valley, AZ 85614 520-399-3109 emmettj3109@cox.net   
McWilliams, Paul investment advisor  (ex-MTS now IRI) www.nextinning.com                   ????
Meyer, Lorin retired (Florence & Meyer) 3600 Eastvale Rd., Fairway, Ks. 66205


913-362-8574 lmeyer@kc.rr.com
Barnes, Mike* AEM     mbarnes@aemrep.com
Powell, Pat* Spectrum     p-powell@spectrumsales.net
Whaley, Chuck LKA, Inc. 10125 West 48th Street
Merriam, KS  66203

      *     current member
      **   chapter life member