Hi, I'm Sharon Greenwood

Hi, I'm Sharon Greenwood.  Welcome to our office.  From here we assist customers with price quotations, order entry, expedites, sample requests, sales literature and anything else they may need.  We also support the daily activites of our outside salespeople.  Please come visit us in person someday.  We'll look forward to seeing you!
                 Midtec office building
Our office is located one block west of the Interstate 35 and 87th Street interchange in the "high-tech" area of Kansas City.  Also important to at least a few of our principals, we're right across the street from one of Kansas City's most famous barbecue restaurants!


Matt Pansing in one of his rare moments in the office.  Our outside salespeople spend 90% of their time calling on customers.
  Dana Grayson
  I'm Dana Grayson and I take care of accounting, insurance, payroll and other non-sales activities.  I enable everyone else in Midtec to concentrate on what our principals most want (selling) and our customers most need (good customer service)!
Thanks for visiting our office.  Please come again!